Global Dialogue


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Editor’s Note
The Global Arms Bazaar at Century’s End
Lora Lumpe
Buy These Planes, or Else! The Hard Sell of Military Advertising
Glenn Baker
NATO Expansion: Jackpot for US Companies?
Tomas Valasek
Small Arms, Global Challenge: The Scourge of Light Weapons
Owen Greene
Beating Swords into Ploughshares: Military Conversion in the 1990s
Michael Brzoska
Technological Change and Biological Warfare
Malcolm R. Dando and Simon M. Whitby
Nuclear Weapons: Instruments of Peace
Ernest W. Lefever
The False God of Nuclear Deterrence
Lee Butler
Russia’s Nuclear Imperative
Anatoli and Alexei Gromyko
Reflections on the Kosovo War
Richard Falk
New World Disorder: The Roots of Today’s Wars
Michael Renner
Child Soldiers: The Destruction of Innocence
Michael Wessells
The Lust of Battle: Pain, Pleasure and Guilt
Joanna Bourke
Book Review
Chomsky's Tour de Force on Palestine

Michael Jansen
Book Review
Iranian Enigma

Michael Theodoulou