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Editor's Note
Restoring the Rule of Law
Christopher H. Pyle
Torture and the Ideology of National Security
Robert Crawford
The Illusion of Accountability: The Idea of an American Truth Commission on Torture
Stuart Streichler
Deconstructing Ticking-Bomb Arguments
Catherine McDonald
Defusing the Ticking Social Bomb Argument: The Right to Self-Defensive Torture
Uwe Steinhoff
Torture Writ Large: The Israeli Occupation
Louis Frankenthaler
The Necessity Defence and the Myth of the Noble Torturer
Jessica Wolfendale
What Would Jack Do? The Ethics of Torture in 24
Donal P. O’Mathuna
The Torturer’s Apprentice: Psychology and ‘Enhanced Interrogations’
Bryant L. Welch
Algeria as Template: Torture and Counter-Insurgency War
Marnia Lazreg
Faith-Based Torture
Liaquat Ali Khan
Cranking up the Volume: Music as a Tool of Torture
Jonathan Pieslak
Book Review
'A Long Experience of War': Gaza in Historical Perspective

Michael Theodoulou
Book Review
Harmony amid Diversity: The Importance of Interfaith Dialogue

Adina Friedman
Book Review
Humanity and Its Landscapes: A Green History

Holmes Rolston III