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Editor's Note
The Russia–Georgia War: Causes and Consequences
Nicolai N. Petro
Abkhazia, Georgia, and the Crisis of August 2008: Roots and Lessons
George Hewitt
East or West? Ukraine’s Quandary
Tor Bukkvoll
Revisionist Russia
Ian Bremmer
Courting the Bear: A New Era for Russian–Western Relations
Eric Walberg
A ‘Reset’ for Relations?: Understanding Russian Grievances
Robert D. English
Blaming Moscow: The Power of the Anti-Russia Lobby
Andrei P. Tsygankov
NATO: The End of the Permanent Alliance
Stanley Kober
Western Values as Power Politics: The Struggle for Mastery in Eurasia
Alexander Cooley
Russia’s Demographic Crisis: The Threat to ‘Sovereign Democracy’
Graeme P. Herd and Grace Allen
Pakistan: Anatomy of a Crisis

Varun Vira
Book Review
Imperial Footprint: America’s Foreign Military Bases

Zoltan Grossman
Book Review
Holy and Contested City

John Quigley