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Editor's Note
Europe’s Muslims: An Integration under International Constraints
Jocelyne Cesari
Muslim Immigrants: A Bridge between Two Cultures?
Ingmar Karlsson
Islam and the New Europe: The Remaking of a Civilisation
M. A. Muqtedar Khan
Anti-Muslim Discrimination: Remedies and Failings
Tufyal Choudhury
Muslims in France: The Quest for Social Justice
Alec G. Hargreaves
Too Much Islam? Challenges to the Dutch Model
Nico Landman
Danish Muslims, the Cartoon Controversy, and the Concept of Integration
Kate Østergaard and Kirstine Sinclair
British Muslims in the Anti-Terror Age
Dilwar Hussain
Islam and British Multiculturalism
Nasar Meer and Tariq Modood
Muslims of Europe: An Italian Perspective
Roberto Toscano
Muslim Marriage in Europe: Tradition and Modernity
Pernilla Ouis
Radical Islam: Threats and Opportunities
Sara Silvestri
Book Review
A Second Fateful Triangle

Marsha B. Cohen
Book Review
Show Trial or Necessary Proceeding?

Richard Falk