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Editor's Note
The Semantics of Terrorism
Edward S. Herman
Terrorism: Continuity and Change in the New Century
John K. Cooley
The Triumph of Ambiguity: Ulster's Path towards Peace
Adrian Guelke
Cyberterrorism: The Logic Bomb versus the Truck Bomb
Dorothy E. Denning
The Ulitimate Threat: Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Alex P. Schmid
Moving to the Right: The Evolution of Modern American Terrorism
Brent L. Smith
US Anti-Terrorism Legislation: The Erosion of Civil Rights
Kamal Nawash
Terrorism-at-a-Distance: The Imagery That Serves US Power
Beau Grosscup
The TV Terrorist: Media Images of Middle Easterners
Yahya R. Kamalipour
The US Response to Middle East Terrorism
Stephen Zunes
Jewish/Zionist Terrorism: A Continuing Threat to Peace
Allan C. Brownfeld
Conflict Resolution: The Missing Element in Counter-Terrorism
Sanjib Baruah
The Modern Blood-Feud: Ruminations on Political Violence
Christopher L. Blakesley
Review Essay
The Holocaust and the Trivialisation of Memory

Marc H. Ellis
Book Review
The Politics of Sanctions

Ali Ansari